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    Video for S10 and Doug E Fresh to watch when they get the chance to ;)[0]=AT07y...
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    Worst looking Card you have owned

    i just came across this on Twitter,would this count?what the Hell Topps lol -- Neil Mordowitz @nmordowitz · 16h @Topps Hi When opening up a pack of UK - there is a bug stuck to this card - my son found it - this is literally disgusting I would say this should be reviewed by your QC department
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    Vintage Breaks Memes

    outstanding work on this Jason,you just made me spit ice tea all over my screen from laughing so hard lol
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    What is your favorite sport to collect?

    football for me,as my main focus for that are either Bears cards,'83 Topps football,'86 Topps football,or '11 Topps football
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    Modern basketball rookies to get

    keep an eye on Limelo Ball in the draft,depending on where he goes his values could skyrocket
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    current project

    do you know if theyre signed?
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    What year do you guy think "Vintage cards" end and it becomes modern?

    1980 is the conventional dateline,because that was the last year of it being only Topps before Donruss,Fleer,and the other major companies made thier presence known
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    current project

    am currently working on a 2011 Topps football TTM thread,and am currently looking for a few hard-to-find signed cards (if they even exist) for the set im trying to compile,currently being Aaron Hernandez(dead) Cedric Benson (dead) Kellen Winslow Jr (in prison for life for kidnapping),Jordy...
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    What is your favorite VB show??

    for me its a tie between two,choosing just one of those two isnt exactly an easy task you know lol